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Lara - Fixed Wall Panel with Hinged Leaf

Guaranteed For Life
Lara shown Left Hand Fixed, Designed to be watertight throughout the hinged leafs 180° arc.

When extended the hinged leaf is offset on the inside of the fixed panel, with a slight overlap of 10mm. The hinged leaf folds neatly inwards against the fixed panel.

Standard Sizes
Special Sizes
Fixed Wall Panel with Hinged Leaf - Height 2000mm
Width (mm)
Adjustment (mm)
Leaf open @ 90°
Adjustment (mm)
Fully Extended
Mistley Tray Available
WPH7 700 / 380 689-707 1059-1077
WPH8 800 / 380 789-807 1159-1177
WPH9 900 / 380 889-907 1259-1277
WPH10 1000 / 380 989-1007 1359-1377
WPH11 1100 / 380 1089-1107 1459-1477
WPH12 1200 / 380 1189-1207 1559-1577

Your Space™ - Our made to measure service

Glass Angle Cuts, Tapers and Notches available on request.

Choose from a range of finishes: Polished Nickel, Brushed Nickel, Antique Gold, Brushed Gold and Matte Black.

Lara fixed panels can be made to special sizes within the following limits:

Maximum wall panel size 4m², Maximum height 2300mm, Width of hinged leaf 380mm

Adjustment 18mm (+/- 9mm)

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