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Pele - Wall Fixed Panel with UV Bonded Return

Guaranteed For Life
Pele shown Left Hand Fixed

Standard Sizes
Special Sizes
UV Bonding allows two pieces of glass to be joined without the use of metal brackets, resulting in the most minimal look. The clear resins used to create the bond provide an incredibly strong, invisible join.

This option allows a 300mm wide return panel to be UV bonded to a standard Pele fixed panel.

Fixed Wall Panel with Return - Height 2000mm
Width (mm)
Fixed Panel x Return
Adjustment (mm)
Fixed Panel
Mistley Tray
UVP8 800 x 310 782-800
UVP9 900 x 310 882-900
UVP10 1000 x 310 982-1000
UVP11 1100 x 310 1082-1100
UVP12 1200 x 310 1182-1200
An on-site UV bonding service is available which allows for installation where access is restricted.

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